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Welcome to the world of business translations and interpreting. In this globalized world, when the subject is translation, there is no room for amateurs. Communication mistakes are unacceptable, as they can lead to lost business and broken partnerships, quite often irrevocably so.

In meetings, seminars and congresses, the use of words is even more important, especially when spoken. Proper and appropriate language is a sine qua non. While in translation the translator has time to review and, if necessary, correct his work, in live events, this is not an option. An interpreting error is like a missile; once it's launched you can't recall it. Ideas need to come across as precise, so that there is no doubt in the audience.

So if your company is considering producing written material in English or organizing a bilingual event, do the right thing: find out how you should prepare for and survive in globalized markets.

LAG and its partners have the experience and competence to meet your company's requirements.
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